Why Boston Iced Tea?

The Ice King Cometh…

In the 21st century, it’s no stretch to say that we take ice for granted. A frosty beverage, ice wrapped in a towel to sooth a wound – our lives revolve around those little cubes conveniently waiting in our freezers. But 200 years ago, ice as we know it was nonexistent; beverages were served room temperature at best and the wounded were furnished with washcloths dampened with tepid water to dress burns or sores.



The Beginning

Enter Frederic Tudor, a 22-year old Bostonian innovator who wouldn’t take no for an answer! In 1806, when Tudor dreamt up the idea of harvesting ice from the frozen kettle ponds that dotted the New England landscape in the winter months and shipping it to warmer climates in the US and around the globe, he found himself incurring the scorn of many, from local newspapers to his own father.



Try, Try Again

After many failed attempts, including stints in debtors jail as a result of delivering melted ice to ports like Martinique and Havana, Frederic hit the jackpot in 1825 when he teamed up with fellow luminary Nathaniel Wyeth who developed the 2-blade horse-drawn ice cutter, allowing the frozen ponds to be harvested in a checkerboard fashion, and ice blocks to be shipped in a tighter configuration to prevent melting. Tudor used sawdust to further retard melting, and commissioned ice houses to be built at receiving ports in cities as far-flung as Sydney and Calcutta.



The Ice King

With his domestic and international business booming by the mid-1800s, Tudor went down in history as the unequivocal “Ice King”, his commodity selling at a volume only second to that of cotton in the pre-Civil War years. When we at Boston Iced Tea Company talk about being the ‘first iced tea’ on the market, we mean it! We trace our Boston heritage back to the original Ice King, Frederic Tudor, who made our beverages a little chillier and allowed us to bring you the cold, refreshing Boston Iced Tea you enjoy today!



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